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Founded in 2010 by a group of dads that felt the need to show the Mothers of Lost Creek that we could organize and make a difference.   These visionaries have been recognized throughout the land as the Founding Fathers and despite their humbleness are quite proud of their neighborhood.

While on the surface, LCDC appears to be a monthly excuse to socialize, the group of guys manages to organize and make an impact.  Over the past years through Christmas tree sales for the Lost Creek Trail of Lights and an annual Chili Cook-off, the LCDC has donated over $100,000 to worthy organizations like Make-A-Wish and Texas Search and Rescue.

If you are a Dad and live in Lost Creek, join us for our monthly meetings at the Lost Creek Country Club Men's Locker Room.  

If you want to join the LCDC Slack Community, click here

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