Founded in 2010 by a group of dads that felt the need to show the Mothers of Lost Creek that we could organize and make a difference.   These visionaries have been recognized throughout the land as the Founding Fathers and despite their humbleness are quite proud of their neighborhood.

While on the surface, LCDC appears to be a monthly excuse to socialize, the group of guys manages to organize and make an impact.  Over the past 8 years through Christmas tree sales for the Lost Creek Trail of Lights and an annual Chili Cook-off, the LCDC has donated over $75,000 to worthy organizations like Make-A-Wish and Texas Search and Rescue.

If you are a Dad and live in Lost Creek, join us for our monthly meetings at the LCCC Men's Locker Room.   To join the group, we ask for a meager $30 contribution that goes toward our annual donations.  Register at for more information.

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